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MA Thesis

When I was a student of Cultural Anthropology I devoted my final year to a study on the socio-economic position of professional jazz musicians in the informal Amsterdam jazz scene. I had already been working as a manager of a jazz club for many years and had therefore easy access to the musicians and the places they hung out. Based on my research I wrote my MA thesis and published an article in the Boekmancahier (both in Dutch).

My plans are to do some more research on the lifestyle, income and work of jazz musicians in the near future and publish about this in English. I have already written some research proposals. Now all I have to do is to find the spare time!

Jazz Publications:

Anne-Marie Oostveen (1998), Het informele jazzcircuit. Over het grote belang van kleine informele podia. Pag. 207-218, Boekmancahier nummer 37, september 1998. Amsterdam: Boekman Stichting.

Anne-Marie Oostveen (1997). Van jazz word je niet rijk. Een antropologisch onderzoek naar de sociaal-economische positie van professionele jazzmusici in het Amsterdamse informele circuit. MA thesis, Faculty of Cultural Anthropology, University of Amsterdam.


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