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This site is being maintained by Anne-Marie Oostveen who works at the the Oxford Internet Institute (a department within the Social Sciences Division of the University of Oxford)

This website does not reflect an opinion either against or in favour of electronic voting. It tries to give an objective overview of the relevant literature available on the topic. If you are interested in my personal opinion, you are advised to read the papers I have written about (remote) electronic voting. Some of these papers can be found on this page or otherwise on the page with my list of academic publications.

UPDATE - 2006

I no longer work on an e-voting project and therefore I don't update this particular page anymore with new electronic voting references.

Moreover, since the start of my research in 2002, e-voting has become a real hot topic and it would be difficult to keep up with all the related papers and articles. If you are interested in electronic voting in the Netherlands (and you are able to read Dutch), surf to http://www.wijvertrouwenstemcomputersniet.nl/Media-overzicht


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